About our Belly Stockings

We have studied and listened to the needs of dancers and performers over the years and, with plenty of willing volunteers, developed and improved our designs to absolute perfection.

We are so confident that you will totally adore your body suit that if you don’t we will give you your money right back!

We have spent a great deal of time sourcing the best quality fabrics and trimmings and have tried and tested our garments in every way possible.

We currently offer Belly Stockings™ in various designs as you will see from looking in our shop. Each of these styles comes with different options.

The under bust belly stockings are designed so they may be worn with fitted dance bras. They have been carefully developed to fit snuggly under your bosom at the front.  The backs on the sleeveless stockings finish across your back where your bra strap naturally sits becoming virtually invisible under your costume.

The over bust design may be better suited to those who like a little more support in the chest area or who tend to only wear choli style tops.


Belly Stockings™ are manufactured in Nottingham, England. Our work force consists of British men and women with countless years of experience in the textiles and retail trades. Our machinists and pattern designers are highly skilled with background knowledge of the lingerie industry and, as you will see, this all reflects in the quality of our garments.


All of our sleeveless belly dance body stockings come with multi-functional straps. These are removable and enable the stocking to adapt to be worn with all of your costumes. The straps can be worn as standard, criss-cross, halter etc., the possibilities are endless! They can even be removed completely if required so your belly stocking can be attached directly to your dance bra.

Our crystal clear straps are made from high quality TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane) and have strong clear plastic hooks and adjusters. These straps have excellent strength and elasticity and are soft and comfortable against the skin. TPU is also stain resistant which we found was important as many dancers wear self tanning lotions and make up. We did a lot of research when choosing our suppliers and now have these specially made for us.  Each of the straps for the under bust stockings extends to 30” allowing enough length so your stocking may be converted to a halter neck to adapt to different costumes. If ever required, we also keep 39" long halter straps in stock.


For those who require more coverage we also offer our sleeved range. Our standard sleeved belly stocking will fit snugly under the bust at the front and has a high back with a crew cut neck. This has proven to be our most popular and versatile style of sleeved stocking.

In the past we have also offered our sleeved belly stockings with a low back, these are still available by custom order if required.

Our sleeves are specially designed to allow them to be easily cut to length. Should you require them to finish at the elbow or if you prefer ¾ style, you’ll be pleased to know the length can easily be reduced.

Our mesh fabric does not fray and can easily be cut with a pair of sharp scissors. The over locked seam running down the sleeve needs only two hand stitches to secure it, so you can cut through safely without fear of damaging the garment.


We are currently able to offer a thong (g-string) style brief or our standard low rise midi cut brief. Both of these come with a comfortable fully lined gusset.

Our standard briefs are made from high quality Invista assured 92% Cotton 8% Lycra fabric. This is produced here in Nottingham, England. It has incredible moisture managing properties and is fully breathable. It also has quick dry properties which is very handy if you wish to wear your belly stocking regularly. It is classed as an ‘easy care’ fabric and stays looking like new wash after wash.

Our thong briefs are made entirely of the bodice fabric which is continued through the garment in one piece, although, it is fully lined at the gusset area of course for your comfort! 

Our standard briefs come with or without the option of a snap fastening crotch. These are very handy for trips to the little girl’s room although many ladies prefer their stocking in the style of a leotard with a closed crotch. The snaps are discreetly positioned and consist of 3 little plastic snaps. They are very strong and ‘trustworthy’ and carefully located so as not to feel uncomfortable.


We currently produce belly stockings in three different kinds of ‘bodice’ fabric although you will find mainly mesh available in our online shop at present.
Please CONTACT US if you specifically require a bodice fabric which is not available in our shop.

We have searched high and low to bring you the best selection of fabrics from which to choose.

For the sake of simplicity, we have divided our fabrics into two ranges.  The basic range, which are all plain and fully machine washable and our special range, which are more delicate fabrics.  Some of these stockings include intricate decoration such as glitter flecks. We have a larger range than shown in our shop so please CONTACT US or take a look in our EBAY SHOP should you require more choice.

Our powermesh, unless otherwise stated, is made from 90% Synthetic fabric (polyester, polyamide or nylon) and 10% Elastane and is sourced from our UK suppliers. Our mesh comes in both 2 way and 4 way stretch producing a superb and highly flattering fit. It pulls you in all around and evenly distributes the pressure therefore shaping you without feeling uncomfortable.

These body stockings are nothing like the old fashion control briefs; with Belly Stockings™ you get all the benefits of body shaping without the discomfort! We have painstakingly worked on our patterns with great consideration and shaped them to bring out the very best in every figure. The waist line is shaped dramatically and contoured to hold you in all the right places whatever your shape!

All of our sheer body stockings have the amazing ability to camouflage imperfections. Due to the close proximity of the thousands of tiny holes, the fabric becomes translucent rather than transparent. It therefore cleverly allows light to pass through giving the appearance of being see-through yet causing the eye to only distinguish between the light and dark. Therefore this magically causes an optical illusion and imperfections like scars and stretch marks seem to vanish giving a truly flawless appearance.


Here by popular demand is our brand new design!
These boleros can be worn over or under a dance bra, they provide coverage and support for your arms and upper body and can be worn with or without one of our sleeveless stockings to give you maximum versatility. Our boleros come with a choice of cuff styles; straight sleeved or finger loop.
The neckline and hem are edged with dainty picot elastic, and like our sleeved stockings, we offer the straight sleeve boleros with a cut to length option so as to suit your own personal preference.